Powercast’s Wireless Power Calculator

The Wireless Power Calculator is a web-based tool to estimate the amount of RF power available at the receiver, and the amount of RF power that is converted to DC.

Outputs assume direct line of sight from the transmitting antenna to the receiver antenna.

This calculator is based on Friis equation and is intended for estimating or planning purposes only. For more information or to discuss your custom application, contact us.

Tx Frequency

Rx Antenna

Powercast Transmitter EIRP:

Transmission Power Units:

Tx/Rx Gain Units:

*Distances below meters could generate inaccurate results.

Friis Equation Output:

Gains for Common Antennas

Dipole antenna      1.6 W/W

Patch antenna       4.0 W/W

F antenna               1.6 W/W

If using a custom transmit(Tx) or receive(Rx) antenna, refer to the datasheet(s) of that antenna and be sure to use correct units when entering the fields above. If you are using a Powercast transmitter or receiving antenna, correct gain and transmit power are automatically populated.

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